Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Reference

Displaying Subsets of Attributes

The ldapsearch command returns all search results in LDIF format. By default, ldapsearch returns the entry’s distinguished name and all of the attributes that you are allowed to read. You can set up the directory access control such that you are allowed to read only a subset of the attributes on any given directory entry.) Only operational attributes are not returned. If you want operational attributes returned as a result of a search operation, you must explicitly specify them in the search command. For more information on operational attributes, refer to the TODO: No more AdminServerAdminGuide.

Suppose you do not want to see all of the attributes returned in the search results. You can limit the returned attributes to just a few specific attributes by specifying the ones you want on the command line immediately after the search filter. For example, to show the cn and sn attributes for every entry in the directory, use the following command:

ldapsearch -h myServer -p 5201 -D cn=admin,cn=Administrators,cn=config -w -
 "(objectclass=*)" sn cn

This example assumes you set your search base with LDAP_BASEDN.