Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Reference

JDBC Data Sources and Data Source Pools

A JDBC data source is defined for each relational database. The properties of a JDBC data source include the name and location of the relational database, and the user name and password required to access the database. For a complete list of the properties that can be set for a JDBC data source, run the following command:

$ dpconf get-jdbc-data-source-prop -h myHost -p 2389 -d "cn=Proxy Manager"\

Currently, only one JDBC data source is supported for each JDBC data view. In other words, you cannot load balance across JDBC data sources.

Like LDAP data sources, JDBC data sources are organized into data source pools. The properties of a JDBC data source pool are similar to those of an LDAP data source pool. For more information about LDAP data source pools see LDAP Data Source Pools.

Note –

Directory Proxy Server relies on metadata retrieved from the relational database. This metadata is read when Directory Proxy Server starts, or when a new JDBC data view is added. The metadata is not reread each time Directory Proxy Server processes a request. If you change the metadata in the relational database, you must restart Directory Proxy Server to take the changes into account.

The metadata is changed when any of the following changes are made: