Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Evaluation Guide

Offline Binary Backup

You can perform an offline binary backup with the dsadm backup command. The instance must be stopped before running this command.

The following command performs an offline binary backup:

$ dsadm backup /install-path/sA1 /install-path/sA1-bak
[28/Oct/2006:23:38:13 -0500] - Backup starting (/install-path/sA1-bak)
[28/Oct/2006:23:38:13 -0500] - WARNING<20509> - Backend Database - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 -  
Cannot create new directory /install-path/sA1-bak/dsA1 (-5943) Cannot create or rename a filename that already exists.
[28/Oct/2006:23:38:13 -0500] - Backing up file 1 (/install-path/sA1-bak/dsA1/dsA1_objectclass.db3)
[28/Oct/2006:23:38:13 -0500] - Backing up file 2 (/install-path/sA1-bak/dsA1/dsA1_id2entry.db3)
[28/Oct/2005:23:38:13 -0500] - Backup completed (/install-path/sA1-bak)