Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Evaluation Guide

Customizable Data Distribution for Faster Writes

You can design your deployment of DSEE to distribute your directory across servers to help you achieve the best possible performance for your directory-enabled applications. Customized distribution also increases the availability of your directory and improves the ease of managing your directory. The workload for each server is reduced because the contents of the databases have been distributed among a number of servers. Yet, from a clients perspective, the directory appears to be a single directory tree.

Distributing your data allows you to scale your directory across multiple servers without physically containing those directory entries on each server in your enterprise. A distributed directory can thus hold a much larger number of entries than would be possible with a single server. In addition, you can configure your directory to hide the distribution details from the user. As far as users and applications are concerned, a single directory answers their directory queries.

For further information, see Using Distribution for Write Scalability in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Deployment Planning Guide.