Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Evaluation Guide

Changing Attributes While the Server Is Online

In previous versions of Directory Server, attributes such as the all IDs threshold required the server to be offline when the attribute value was changed. You can now change the values of such attributes while the instance is online.

    Although the value can be changed online, changes for some attributes might not take effect until after the instance has been restarted. In addition, some changes require manual intervention before restarting. For example, you can change the path to the data directory with the server online, but before the change takes effect, you need to do the following:

  1. Stop the instance.

  2. Ensure that the new directory exists and has the correct permissions.

  3. Move the data from its present location to the new location.

  4. Restart the instance.

The following sections describe the changes that can now be made with the server online.

Changing the All IDs Threshold

You can change the global and index-specific values of the all IDs threshold with the server online. The change does not take effect until the affected indexes are re-indexed or the data is re-initialized.

For example, on the command line, you can change the global all IDs threshold by running the following command:

# dsconf set-server-prop -p 20390 all-ids-threshold:2000

When you change the all IDs threshold located in the server-prop property, you must restart the server. All other all IDs threshold changes are made dynamically.

Changing the Database Path

You can change the database path attribute while the server is online. After you have changed the path, you then need to stop the server, move the database files, and start the server.

The database path attributes include nsslapd-db-home-directory, nsslapd-db-logdirectory, and nsslapd-directory. These attributes correspond to the dsconf command properties db-env-path, db-log-path, and db-path, respectively.

For example, to change the location of the example backend database, do the following:

# /opt/sun/install-path/bin/dsconf set-suffix-prop -p 20390 "dc=example,dc=com" \
Changing "db-path" does not move the database file automatically.
You will have to stop the server, move the database files and restart the server.
Do you want to continue [y/n] ? y
Directory Server needs to be restarted for changes to take effect
# mv /install-path/sA1/db/example /install-path/dbtst
# /opt/sun/install-path/bin/dsadm start /install-path/sA1
Server started: pid=29050