Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Evaluation Guide

New Administration Model

DSEE includes a completely new administration architecture. Before you can evaluate the features of DSEE, you need to understand the basics of this new architecture.

In DSEE 6.1, all previous administrative interfaces (the Java console and the ldapmodify and ldapsearch commands) are replaced by two new administrative interfaces:

As an administrator, you can perform most administrative tasks with either interface. The following figure illustrates the DSEE administration framework.

Figure 1–1 Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Administration Framework

Figure shows the DSEE administration framework

This administration framework supports Directory Server and Directory Proxy Server and consists of the following components:

Although this guide provides information about both the console and the command-line interface (CLI), the console is usually shown when illustrating a feature.

For a more in-depth description of the new administration model, see Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Model in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 Deployment Planning Guide.