Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide


The Platform service is where additional servers can be added to the Federation Manager configuration as well as other options applied at the top level of the application. The Platform service attributes are global attributes. The attributes are:

Server List

This list contains the Federation Manager server instances. If the host specified in a request for a service URL is not in this list, the request is rejected.

Platform Locale

The platform locale value is the default language subtype that Federation Manager was installed with. The authentication, logging and administration services are administered in the language of this value. The default is en_US.

Cookie Domains

The list of domains that will be returned in the cookie header when setting a cookie to the user's browser during authentication. If empty, no cookie domain will be set. In other words, the Federation Manager session cookie will only be forwarded to the Federation Manager itself and to no other servers in the domain.

If SSO is required with other servers in the domain, this attribute must be set with the cookie domain. If you had two interfaces in different domains on one Federation Manager then you would need to set both cookie domains in this attribute. If a load balancer is used, the cookie domain must be that of the load balancer's domain, not the servers behind the load balancer. The default value for this field is the domain of the installed Federation Manager.

Login Service URL

This field specifies the URL of the login page. The default value for this attribute is /Service_DEPLOY_URI/UI/Login.

Logout Service URL

This field specifies the URL of the logout page. The default value for this attribute is /Service_DEPLOY_URI/UI/Logout.

Available Locales

This attribute stores all available locales configured for the platform. Consider an application that lets the user choose the user's locale. This application would get this attribute from the platform profile and present the list of locales to the user. The user would choose a locale and the application would set this in the user entry preferredLocale.

Client Character Sets

This attribute specifies the character set for different clients at the platform level. It contains a list of client types and the corresponding character sets.

Note –

This attribute is not currently supported.