Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure a Site Identifier

This attribute defines any site hosted by the server on which Federation Manager is installed. A default value and an automatically generated Site ID are defined for the host during installation (with values retrieved from Multiple entries are possible. For example, load balancing or multiple instances of Federation Manager sharing the same Directory Server would all need to be defined. The starting point is the Site Identifiers attribute on the SAML screen under Federation.

  1. In the Federation Manager Console, click the SAML tab.

  2. Under Site Identifiers, click New to add a new site identifier or click on the name of a configured site identifier to modify its profile.

    The Site Identifier attributes are displayed.

  3. Provide values for the Site Identifier attributes based on the following information:


    The value of this property is protocol://host:port.

    If configuring SAML for SSL (in both the source and destination site), ensure that the protocol defined here is https//.

    Site ID

    The site ID is an identifier generated for each site (although the value will be the same for multiple servers behind a load balancer). There is a class in the com.sun.identity.saml.common package that can be used to generate this identifier manually, if needed. Type the following at the command line:

    % java -classpath FederationManager-base/SUNWam/fm/web-src/WEB-INF/lib/am_services.jar 
    com.sun.identity.saml.common.SAMLSiteID protocol://host:port
    Issuer Name

    The default value of this property is host:port, but it could be a URI.

  4. Click OK to complete the Site Identifier configuration.

  5. Click Save on the SAML Profile page to complete the SAML configuration.