Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

Federated Models

Federation Manager with Sun Java System Access Manager can provide a hub and spoke model of federation. Access Manager would typically be the hub, an identity provider trusted by many instances of Federation Manager acting as service providers. The following figure illustrates this hub and spoke model of federation.

Figure 1–1 Hub and Spoke Model of Federation

Figure illustrating the hub and spoke model of

Generally speaking, spoke service providers trust one hub identity provider. Within one organization, the hub identity provider might be administered by a human resources department using Access Manager. The spoke service providers might include other departments (legal, accounting, and the like) that need to communicate identity and session information with the hub Access Manager. Federation Manager allows the spoke service provider to enable this communication quickly and efficiently.

The hub and spoke is one model of federation. Other models that can be established using Federation Manager include a transitive trust model or a point—to—point model. The transitive trust model assumes that because A trusts C and B trusts C, A will trust B. The point-to-point model assumes one point as an aggregation of services, service providers, or identity providers.