Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

Detailing the fmwar Syntax

fmwar is the command-line application used to create (or recreate) the WAR for Federation Manager from packages that have already been added. (See Detailing the fmsetup Syntax.) fmwar is located in the /FederationManager-base/SUNWam/fm/bin directory. By default, fmwar can be used for either of the following scenarios:

From the installed packages, fmwar will create a WAR used to deploy Federation Manager. The syntax for using fmwar is:

fmwar -n name-of-WAR -d staging-directory -s silent-installation-file-name [-g]
fmwar -V
fmwar -?


-n or --name

Defines the name of the WAR to be generated. The value does not include the .WAR suffix. This is referred to as the application's URI.

-d or --directory

Defines the path to the staging directory which contains the files that will be used to generate the WAR. A recommended path is /var/opt/SUNWam/FM/war_staging.

Note –

The -d option is used in tandem with the -g option. If the -g option is specified, -d must point to a staging directory which does not yet exist. If the -g option is not specified, -d must point to an existing staging directory. The latter scenario is used to regenerate the WAR.

-s or --silent

Defines the path to, and name of, the file created from the template discussed in The Silent Installation File.


Creates a new staging directory, generates a WAR, and configures the flat file data store. 

Note –

The -g option is used only when creating a Federation Manager WAR for the first time. In these cases, the -g option must be specified and the -d option must point to a directory which does not yet exist. This directory will be the staging directory. A recommended path is /var/opt/SUNWam/FM/war_staging. If the -g option is not specified, -d must point to an existing staging directory to regenerate the WAR.


Displays version information. 


Displays help information.