Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Add Federation Manager Packages

This section details the first part of the standard installation procedure in which the Federation Manager packages are added to a directory on your machine. Following the package add, you must still create a staging directory and the WAR. See To Archive the Federation Manager Packages.

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Create a new directory.

    # mkdir fm1.0

    # cd fm1.0
  3. Paste the download URL into a browser window to download the installation bundle into the new directory.

    Go to to download Federation Manager.

  4. Unpack the product binaries by typing:

    # gunzip -dc file-name.tar.gz | tar -xvof -

    where file-name.tar.gz is the name of the downloaded file.

  5. Edit the silent installation file template as described in The Silent Installation File.

  6. Run fmsetup to add the Federation Manager packages using the -p option.

    The -p option is used for package installations only.

    # fmsetup install -p -s silent-installation-file

    where silent-installation-file is the name of the file created from the silent installation template discussed in The Silent Installation File. See Detailing the fmsetup Syntax for more information.

    Caution – Caution –

    fmsetup only installs shared packages if they are not already present. If an older package is detected, the installer script will quit and display an error message identifying the older package name. To continue, you must manually remove that package using pkgrm(1M) and run fmsetup again.

  7. Follow the instructions in To Archive the Federation Manager Packages to complete the standard installation option.