Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure a Service Description

The Service Description attribute defines a running web service at a distinct protocol endpoint. It is defined when you configure Resource Offerings for Bootstrapping. Information about service instances needs to be communicated in various contexts. For example, the Discovery Service defined is an identity service which provides an enumeration of resource offerings (each of which includes a service instance description).

  1. In the Federation Manager Console, click the Web Services tab.

  2. Under Web Services, select the Discovery Service tab.

  3. Under Resource Offerings for Bootstrapping, click New or click Edit to modify existing attributes.

    The Resource Offering attributes are displayed.

  4. From the configuration screen of the Resource Offering for Bootstrapping attribute, click Add Mechanism ID to display the new security mechanism ID attributes or click Edit to modify an existing description.

  5. Provide values for the attributes based on the following information:

    Security Mechanism ID

    This attribute is where authentication methods supported by the Discovery Service are added. These security mechanisms refer to the way a web service consumer authenticates to the web service provider or provides message-level security. By default, all available methods that the service instance supports are selected. If an authentication method is not selected, and a web services consumer sends a request using that method, the request is rejected. See Supported Authentication Mechanisms.

    End Point URL

    Takes the URI for the SOAP-over-HTTP endpoint. For example,

    SOAP Action

    SOAP Action can be used to indicate the intent of the SOAP HTTP request. The SOAP processor on the receiving system can use this information to determine the ultimate destination for the service. The value is a URI. No defined value indicates no intent.

    Note –

    SOAP places no restrictions on the format or specificity of the URI or that it is resolvable.

  6. Click OK to complete the service configuration.

  7. Click Save on the Discovery Service page to complete the service configuration.