Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Delete an Instance of Federation Manager from WebSphere Application Server

  1. Edit the Jacl descriptor by adding the following:

    \$AdminApp uninstall deploy-tag {-node WebSphereAS-node -cell WebSphereAS-cell -server WebSphereAS-instance}



    Defines the Federation Manager URI. This is generally the name of the WAR file without the .WAR suffix.


    Defines the node under which the Application Server instance is configured. 


    Defines the cell under which the Application Server node is configured. 


    Defines the instance of the Application Server to which Federation Manager will be deployed. 

  2. After editing the Jacl descriptor, run the following command to delete the instance:

    # WebSphereAS-base/bin/ -f Jacl-descriptor-file