Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 Release Notes

amadmin throws exception when Federation Manager is deployed on BEA WebLogic Server (6320391)

After amadmin loads meta data, it uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to send notifications to the server. With WebLogic Server, use jaxrpc 1.0.

WORKAROUND: Change the Makefile to bundle the jaxrpc 1.0 jars. Take the following steps after installing with fmsetup:

  1. Remove the default jaxrpc using the following command:

    # rm war staging dir/web-src/WEB-INF/lib/jaxrpc*

  2. Copy the jaxrpc 1.0 to the war staging directory using the following command:

    # cp /FederationManager-base/SUNWam/fm/jaxrpc_1.0/* war staging dir/web-src/WEB-INF/lib

  3. Change to the bin directory using the following command:

    # cd /FederationManager-base/SUNWam/fm/bin

  4. Run fmwar to generate a new web archive (WAR):

    # fmwar -n web-application-name -d war staging dir -s silent-install-file

  5. Redeploy the new WAR.