Technical Note: Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 on Linux

Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 on Linux

Sun Java™ System Federation Manager 7.0 is a server product that helps companies to quickly build federated identity and authentication services that work with existing federation hub technologies. It was released in September, 2005 for the SolarisTM operating system. This May, 2006 update expands the application to include support for the Linux application environment. This technical note describes the differences in an instance of Federation Manager when installed and used in the Linux application environment. It contains the following sections:

Overview of Federation Manager

Federation Manager delivers a solution to establish trust relationships and share secure information for single sign-on across security domains. It allows an organization to:

The documentation originally released with Federation Manager can be found at

Software Requirements for Federation Manager on Linux

To run on the Linux application environment, Federation Manager requires Red HatTM Enterprise Linux 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0.

Where to Get Federation Manager for Linux

Federation Manager for Linux can be downloaded from Instructions for unzipping and installing the tarball can be found in Chapter 2, Installing and Deploying Federation Manager, in Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User’s Guide in the Sun Java System Federation Manager 7.0 User’s Guide.

How to Use Federation Manager on Linux

The instructions and procedures listed in the manuals referred to in Overview of Federation Manager work the same whether Federation Manager is deployed on the Solaris operating system or the Linux application environment. When following the documentation, be sure to change the defined Solaris paths to paths that reflect the Linux installation. The following table lists the directory and path differences for Federation Manager.

Table 1 Federation Manager Directory Paths

Federation Manager 



Default Base Directory 



Product Directory