Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 NSAPI Programmer's Guide

Instruct the Server to Call the SAFs

Next, add directives to obj.conf to instruct the server to call each custom SAF at the appropriate time. The syntax for directives is:

Directive fn=function-name [name1="value1"]...[nameN="valueN"]

NameTrans fn=pfx2dir from="/animations/small"
dir="D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/animations/small" name="small_anim"
NameTrans fn=pfx2dir from="/animations/fullscreen"


You also need to define objects that contain the Service directives that run the animations and specify the speed parameter.

<Object name="small_anim">
Service fn=do_small_anim speed=40
<Object name="fullscreen_anim">
Service fn=do_big_anim speed=20