Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The request_header function finds an entry in the pblock containing the client’s HTTP request headers (rq->headers). You must use this function rather than pblock_findval when accessing the client headers, since the server may begin processing the request before the headers have been completely read.


int request_header(char *name, char **value, Session *sn, Request *rq);


A result code, REQ_PROCEED if the header was found, REQ_ABORTED if the header was not found, REQ_EXIT if there was an error reading from the client.


char *name is the name of the header.

char **value is the address where the function will place the value of the specified header. If none is found, the function stores a NULL.

Session *sn is the Session.

Request *rq is the Request.

The Session and Request parameters are the same as the ones passed into your SAF.

See Also

request_create, request_free