Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 NSAPI Programmer's Guide

Directives for Handling Requests

The file obj.conf contains a series of instructions, known as directives, that tell the Sun Java System Web Server what to do at each stage in the request-handling process. Each directive invokes a SAF with one or more arguments. Each directive applies to a specific stage in the request-handling process. The stages are AuthTrans, NameTrans, PathCheck, ObjectType, Input, Output, Service, and AddLog.

For example, the following directive applies during the NameTrans stage. It calls the document-root function with the root argument set to D://Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs. (The document-root function translates the http://server_name/ part of the URL to the document root, which in this example is D://Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs.)

NameTrans fn="document-root" root="D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs"

The functions invoked by the directives in obj.conf are known as SAFs.