Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 Programmer's Guide to Web Applications



Constructs an HTML form that contains default and hidden form elements such as the current search result index and number of records per page by default. The default names for the form, index, and number of records are searchform, si, and ns.


Name. Specifies the name of the form. The default is searchform. The name of a form is the identifier for all other tags.

Action. (optional) Specifies the form action.

Method. (optional) Specifies the method of submission, GET or POST. The default is GET.

elemStart. (optional) Specifies the name of the hidden Start element. If not specified, the default "si" will be used.

Start. (optional) An integer indicating the starting index for displaying the search result. The default is 1.

elemNumShown. (optional) The name of the nShown element. If not specified, the default "ns" is used.

numShown. (optional) An integer indicating the number of results to be shown per page. The value of the attribute will be retrieved by requesting parameter elemNumShown. The default is 10.


<s1ws:form action="results.jsp" >

This creates an HTML form tag <form name="searchform" action="results.jsp" method="GET"> along with two hidden inputboxes: