Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 Programmer's Guide to Web Applications



Retrieves the name of search collections on the server, and iterates through and passes each of them to the collectionitem tag. Users may choose to use this tag along with collection item tags so they can write their own HTMLs.


items. (optional) A comma-delimited string representing the search collections available. The tag retrieves all collections available on the server if the attribute is empty.


<table border=0>
<tr><td><input type=checkbox name="c" 
value="<s1ws:collItem property="name" >">
<s1ws:collItem property="display name" >

The above code will display all collections with checkboxes.

<select name=elementname>
<option value="<s1ws:collItem property=\"name\" >">
<s1ws:colleItem property="display name" >

This iterates through the available collections and passes each item to the collection item tag, which in turn displays the name and display name of the item.