Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 FastCGI Plug-in Release Notes


The filter-fastcgi SAF forwards a request to a FastCGI application that acts as a Filter, for further processing. A filter application receives the information associated with an HTTP request plus additional data from a file stored on the server, and generates a filtered version of the data stream as the response.

filter-fastcgi sends the request data in FastCGI record format to the application specified by app-path. Once the application responds to the request, filter-fastcgi process is the response headers before sending them to the user-agent.

For a list of parameters accepted by filter-fastcgi SAF, see FastCGI SAF Parameters.

The following obj.conf code example demonstrates the use of filter-fastcgi:

Service type="magnus-internal/perl" fn="filter-fastcgi" app-path="/foo/bin/perl" bind-path="fooPerl"