Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 FastCGI Plug-in Release Notes


The auth-fastcgi SAF is used in a PathCheck directive. This SAF is used to specify the FastCGI server application to be used for authorization.

The auth-fastcgi PathCheck SAF sends the request to the specified Authorizer FastCGI application. If the application has returned a status code of 200, the authorization has succeeded and the Web Server proceeds with request execution. Otherwise, the response that was sent by the FastCGI application is sent back to the user-agent.

The auth-fastcgi SAF is optional and should only be used to forward the requests to an authorizer FastCGI application.

For a list of parameters accepted by auth-fastcgi SAF, see FastCGI SAF Parameters.

The following obj.conf code example demonstrates the use of auth-fastcgi:

PathCheck fn="auth-fastcgi" app-path="/foo/bin/php" bind-path="fooUDS"

On the first request to the auth-fastcgi, FastCGI plug-in creates the FastCGI authorizer application processes and sends the request for evaluation.