Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The protocol_set_finfo function retrieves the content-length and last-modified date from a specified stat structure and adds them to the response headers (rq->srvhdrs). Call protocol_set_finfo before calling protocol_start_response.


int protocol_set_finfo(Session *sn, Request *rq, struct stat *finfo);


The constant REQ_PROCEED if the request can proceed normally, or the constant REQ_ABORTED if the function should treat the request normally but not send any output to the client.


Session *sn is the Session.

Request *rq is the Request.

The Session and Request parameters are the same as the ones passed into your SAF.

stat *finfo is the stat structure for the file.

The stat structure contains the information about the file from the file system. You can get the stat structure info using request_stat_path.

See Also

protocol_start_response, protocol_status