Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The insert filter method is called when a filter is inserted into a filter stack by the filter_insert function or insert-filter SAF (applicable in Input-class directives).


int insert(FilterLayer *layer, pblock *pb);


Returns REQ_PROCEED if the filter should be inserted into the filter stack, REQ_NOACTION if the filter should not be inserted because it is not required, or REQ_ABORTED if the filter should not be inserted because of an error.


FilterLayer *layer is the filter layer at which the filter is being inserted.

pblock *pb is the set of parameters passed to filter_insert or specified by the fn="insert-filter" directive.


FilterMethods myfilter_methods = FILTER_METHODS_INITIALIZER;const Filter
 *myfilter;int myfilter_insert(FilterLayer *layer, pblock *pb)
{if (pblock_findval("dont-insert-filter", pb))        
return REQ_NOACTION;return REQ_PROCEED;}...myfilter_methods.insert = &myfilter_insert;
myfilter = filter_create("myfilter", &myfilter_methods);...