Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 Programmer's Guide to Web Applications


The following table describes properties for the cookie-properties element. The left column lists the property name, the middle column indicates the default value, and the right column describes what the property does.

Table 6–21 cookie-properties Properties

Property Name  

Default Value  




context path at which the web application is installed. 

Specifies the path name that is set when the session tracking cookie is created. The browser sends the cookie if the path name for the request contains this path name. If set to / (slash), the browser sends cookies to all URLs served by the Sun Java System Web Server. You can set the path to a narrower mapping to limit the request URLs to which the browser sends cookies.



Specifies the expiration time (in seconds) after which the browser expires the cookie. The default value of -1 indicates that the cookie never expires.



Specifies the domain for which the cookie is valid. 


Sun Java System Web Server session tracking cookie 

Specifies the comment that identifies the session tracking cookie in the cookie file. Applications can provide a specific comment for the cookie.