Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP8 Release Notes


The following table lists General known issues.

Table 14 General Known Issues

Problem ID 



(Windows 2003 only) Report generation fails with lganalyz.exe application error in Web Server 6.1 SP6.


  1. Log in to the Web Server machine.

  2. Go to WSinstall\bin\https\httpadmin\bin.

  3. Run the flexanlg util command to get the report, for example, C:/Sun/WEBSER~1.1/extras/flexanlg/flexanlg -F -n jwsoffice -x -i C:/Sun/WEBSER~1.1/HTTPS-~2/logs/access -c hnrfeuok -t s5m5h10 -l c+5h5 -p ctl

Note –
  • Type the above command in a continuous line.

  • Replace jwsoffice with your hostname or IP address. You also can export the output to an HTML file and use a browser to view it. For more information on the flexanlg utility, see Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP8 Administrator's Guide.


Web Server 6.1 SP8, when run with JDK 6 shows the search collection names (checkbox) in a different order in the search pages, as compared to when it is run with older JDK versions. 


JES3: Patch upgrade of Web Server on Linux displays false uninstall notification. 



Contents do not get updated under a particular situation on HP-UX 11.0 platforms. 

The HP-UX operating system has two cache spaces, Page Cache and Buffer Cache, for accessing files. Normally, when the application performs the mmap function, the file is mapped to Page Cache.

However, currently the operating system has no responsibility to synchronize the data between the Page Cache and Buffer Cache if the mmap is performed as PRIVATE option. Even if you copy the file, the operating system refreshes the cached data only in the Buffer Cache.

Workaround: Use a text editor to update the contents each time.


Searching of Users and Groups through LDAP server using Administration Graphical User Interface fails. 

Workaround: For this feature to work, install Red Hat AS 3.0 update 1–uname -r: 2.4.21-9.ELsmp.


Authorization dialog appears for an unprotected directory without an index file. 

Additional information: If a directory does not have an index file such as index.html, index.jsp, or home.html, then while turning on ACL authentication anyone with read and write permission is denied the list access even though this directory is unprotected.

Workaround: To revert back to the previous behavior of 6.1, change the default ACL so that anonymous users are allowed list privileges. Make the change as follows:

allow (read, execute, info, list) user = "anyone"