Sun Gathering Debug Data for Sun Java System Web Server

ProcedureTo Run the webinfo Script

There may be commands within the webinfoscript that you can run manually.

Note –

You can download a new version of the script at the following URL:

To run the webinfo script , perform the following steps:

  1. Move to a temporary directory.

  2. Change the following environment variable at the beginning of the file,



    TMPDIR= /tmp

  3. Make sure that you have a space between the parameter TMPDIR= and the value that you entered.

  4. Run the script.

    This creates the $TMPDIR/ directory and a tar file of that directory $TMPDIR/

    Note –

    Run this script as the Web Server user rather than root.

  5. Send the tar file to The Sun Support Center.

    Clean up $TMPDIR, if necessary.

    For error information which is related to your problem, see the Administrator or Web Server errors and access files.