Sun Gathering Debug Data for Sun Java System Web Server

ProcedureTo Run the pkg_app Script

This script packages an executable and all of its shared libraries into one tar file. Optionally, you can provide the PID of the application and the name of the core file.The files are stripped of their directory paths and are stored under a relative directory named app/ allowing them to be unpacked in one directory.

On Solaris 9 or higher version, the list of files is derived from the core file rather than the process image if the core file is specified . You must provide the PID of the running application to assist in path resolution.

Two scripts are created to facilitate opening the core file when the tar file is unpacked:

  1. Copy the script to a temporary directory on the system where Web Server is installed.

  2. Login as superuser.

  3. Execute the pkg_app script.

    ./pkg_app.ksh -c [pid-of-application or corefile] -p <full path to process binary of webservd>