Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Release Notes

Issues Resolved in 6.1 SP1

The following table lists the issues resolved in Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP1.

Table 13 Issues Resolved in Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP1

Problem ID 



Option needed to disable appending of absolute URL in a Servlet or JSP container. 

Fix details: New property added to sun-web.xml: relativeRedirectAllowed

Default value: false

Description: If true, allows the web application to send a relative URL to the client using the HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() API. That is, it suppresses the container from translating a relative URL to a fully qualified URL.


Enabling Remote File Manipulation from the Server Manager GUI allows any remote user to obtain a listing of any directory in the server's URI space. 


javahome path wrongly set when adding a server with no bundled JDK.


Adding a new server instance might fail with a Server Error message. 


Server restarts when trying to create null resource by PUT. 


Search engine does not extract and index FTS information from PDF files. 

Fix details: This fix applies to all supported platforms except Linux.

The Author, Subject, and Keywords meta tags are always indexed. Functionality has been added that now enable arbitrary meta tags to be indexed, including those tags produced when converting the FTS_* attributes from PDF files. Manual configuration of a new setting in server.xml is required, as described below.

  • In the SEARCH section of server.xml, add a PROPERTY with name="indexMetatags". The value should be a comma-delimited list of meta tag names. Note that the Author , Subject, and Keywords meta tags are always indexed, regardless of this setting.

  • To index the meta tags resulting from the conversion of PDFs and other types of documents, this configuration must use the name of the meta tag rather than the name of the field in the particular document type. For example, to index the FTS_Title contents from PDF files, "Title" must be a component of the "indexMetatags" setting:

    <PROPERTY name="indexMetatags" value="Title">

Note –

See issue 4956415 for details about displaying custom meta tag information in search results.


On Solaris 9 release: reconfig does not work in package-based installs.


ASN.1 parsing issue in SSL. 

A problem has been identified in the implementation of the SSL protocols used by the web server that may be exploited as a Denial of Service attack. Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP1 fixes this problem. If you use the web server to host sites that utilize SSL version 3 or TLS, you are strongly encouraged to install this service pack. 


The reconfig command does not work on Windows XP.


The commit.exe utility crashes on Windows platforms.