Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

DNS Lookup

This section lists the directives in magnus.conf that affect DNS (Domain Name System) lookup. The directives are:


Specifies whether asynchronous DNS is allowed. This directive is ignored. Even if the value is set to on, the server does not perform asynchronous DNS lookups.


The DNS directive specifies whether the server performs DNS lookups on clients that access the server. When a client connects to your server, the server knows the client’s IP address but not its host name (for example, it knows the client as, rather than its host name The server will resolve the client’s IP address into a host name for operations like access control, CGI, JSP, Servlet, error reporting, and access logging.

If your server responds to many requests per day, you might want (or need) to stop host name resolution; doing so can reduce the load on the DNS or NIS (Network Information System) server.