Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Modifying Server Information

Use the Modify Server option only to update slave administration port information, after it has been changed on the slave server. If you change the port number of a remote Administration Server in your cluster, you also need to modify the information about that Administration Server stored in the cluster. Any other changes to the slave administration server require that you delete the server, and then add it back to the cluster after the changes are made.

The remote administration servers are not affected by modification to the master cluster database, unless their files have been transferred through Cluster Control.

ProcedureTo modify information about a server in a cluster

  1. Go to the Master Administration Server and choose the Cluster Mgmt tab.

  2. Click the Modify Server link.

    All servers appear listed by their unique server identifier.

  3. Select the server or server to modify by:

    • Checking a specific server.

    • Clicking Select All.

    • Click Reset to undo all selections.

  4. Enter the new port number.

  5. Click OK.