Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Converting Existing .nsconfig Files to .htaccess Files

The Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 includes the htconvert plug-in for converting your existing .nsconfig files to .htaccess files. The .nsconfig files are no longer supported. If you have been using.nsconfig files, you should convert them to .htaccess files.

When activated, htconvert searches the given server.xml files for pfx2dir and document-root directives. Each .nsconfig file found is translated into an .htaccess file. Multiple obj.conf files can be converted depending on configuration.

Note –

If there is an existing .htaccess file, htconvert will produce an file, and slow a warning. If .htaccess and already exist, the new file will be named is repeatedly appended.

The htconvert plug-in currently only supports the RestrictAccess and RequireAuth directives, and the <Files> wrapper. If <Files> other than <Files*> are presented, the script issues a warning and behave as though all files in the directory are to be access-controlled.

To convert your files, at the command prompt, enter the path to Perl on your system, the path to the plug-in script, and the path to your server.xml file. For example:

server_root\install\perl server_root/plugins/htaccess/htconvert server_root/https-server_name/config/server.xml

All .nsconfig files are converted to .htaccess files, but not deleted.

The groups-with-users option facilitates handling large numbers of users in groups. If you have many users in a group, follow these steps:

  1. Revise the format of the user file format to list all the groups a user belongs to:


  2. Revise the AuthGroupFile directive to point to the same file as the AuthUserFile.

    Alternatively, you can:

  3. Remove the AuthGroupFile directive entirely.

  4. Add the following to the Init fn=htaccess-init line in the magnus.conf file: