Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

JDBC Datasources

A JDBC datasource is a J2SE resource that you can create and manage using Sun Java System Web Server.

The JDBC API is the API for connectivity with relational database systems. The JDBC API has two parts:

A JDBC datasource object is an implementation of a data source in the Java programming language. In basic terms, a data source is a facility for storing data. It can be as sophisticated as a complex database for a large corporation or as simple as a file with rows and columns. A JDBC Datasource is a J2SE resource that can be created and managed via Sun Java System Web Server.

The JDBC API provides a set of classes for Java with a standard SQL database access interface to ensure uniform access to a wide range of relational databases.

Using JDBC, SQL statements can be sent to virtually any DBMS. It is used as an interface for both relational and object DBMSs.

For information on creating a custom resource, see Creating a JDBC Resource.