Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Using -n in the wdeploy Command

In Sun Java System Web Server 6.1, after deploying or deleting a web application, wdeploy dynamically reconfigures the server, causing the server to load or unload the web application that was deployed or deleted. Previously, you had to explicitly reconfigure the server in order for your changes to take effect by doing one of the following:

Now a successful wdeploy command will automatically be enabled to service requests for a new web application, or to stop servicing requests for a deleted web application.

The -n option prevents wdeploy from automatically sending the reconfigure command to the web server. Use the -n option in your command when deploying or undeploying multiple web applications (in a script for example), and you want to reconfigure the server only once after the last web application is deployed.