Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Specifying a Shell CGI Directory (Windows)

To create a directory for your shell CGI files, perform the following steps

ProcedureTo create a directory for your shell CGI files

  1. Create the shell directory on your computer. This directory doesn’t have to be a subdirectory of your document root directory.

  2. From the Server Manager, choose the Class Manager link.

  3. Next, choose Class Manager.

    The shell CGI Directory link is highlighted and the CGI window appears.

  4. In the URL Prefix field, enter the URL prefix you want to associate with your shell CGI directory.

    For example, suppose you store all shell CGI files in a directory called C:\docs\programs\cgi\shell-cgi, but you want users to see the directory as In this case, you would type shell as the URL prefix.

  5. In the Shell CGI Directory field, enter the absolute path to the directory you created.

    Caution – Caution –

    The server must have read and execute permissions to this directory. For Windows, the user account the server runs as (for example, LocalSystem) must have rights to read and execute programs in the shell CGI directory.

  6. Make sure that any files in the shell CGI directory also have file associations set in Windows. The server returns an error if it attempts to run a file that has no file-extension association.