Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Using the Query Handler

Note –

The use of Query Handlers is outdated. Although Sun Java System Web Server and Netscape Navigator clients still support it, it is rarely used. It is much more common for people to use forms in their HTML pages to submit queries.

You can specify a default query handler CGI program. A query handler processes text sent to it via the ISINDEX tag in an HTML file.

ISINDEX is similar to a form text field in that it creates a text field in the HTML page that can accept typed input. Unlike the information in a form text field, however, the information in the ISINDEX box is immediately submitted when the user presses Return. When you specify your default query handler, you tell your server to which program to direct the input. For an in-depth discussion of the ISINDEX tag, see an HTML reference manual.

To set a query handler, perform the following steps

ProcedureTo set a query handler

  1. From the Class Manager, choose the Programs tab.

  2. Click the Query Handler link.

    The Query Handler window appears.

  3. Use the Editing Picker to select the resource you want to set with a default query handler.

    If you choose a directory, the query handler you specify runs only when the server receives a URL for that directory or any file in that directory.

  4. In the Default Query Handler field, enter the full path for the CGI program you want to use as the default for the resource you chose.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Save and apply your changes.