Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

Performing a Search

Users are primarily concerned with asking questions of the data in the search collections, and getting a list of documents in return. The search web application installed with Sun Java System Web Server provides default search query and search results pages. These pages can be used as they are, or customized using a set of JSP tags as described in Customizing Search Pages.

Users search against collections that have been created by the server administrator. They can:

Server administrators must provide users with the URL needed to access the search query page for a virtual server.

Note –

Unlike Sun Java System Web Server 6.0, version 6.1 does not provide access checking on search results. Due to the number of potential security models and realms, it is impossible to perform security checks and filter results from within the search application. It is the responsibility of the server administrator to ensure that appropriate security mechanisms are in place to protect content.