Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo limit access based on time of day

  1. Use the Server Manager to select the server instance.

  2. Choose the Preferences tab.

  3. Click the Restrict Access link.

  4. Select the entire server from the drop-down list in Pick a Resource and click Edit Access Control.

  5. Create a new rule allowing read and execute rights to all.

    If a user wants to add, update, or delete a file or directory, this rule will not apply and the server searches for another rule that matches.

  6. Create another new rule denying write and delete rights to all.

  7. Click X link to create a customized expression.

  8. Enter the days of the week and the times of day to be allowed.

    For example:

    user = "anyone" anddayofweek = "sat,sun" or(timeofday >= 1800 andtimeofday <= 600)

    The message “Unrecognized expressions” is displayed in the Users/Groups and From Host fields when you create a custom expression.

  9. Submit and Apply your changes.

    Any errors in the custom expression will generate an error message. Make corrections and submit again.