Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo export a certificate and key from an internal database

  1. Go to the server_root/alias directory containing the databases.

  2. Add server_root/bin/https/admin/bin to your PATH.

  3. Locate pk12util in server_root/bin/https/admin/bin.

  4. Set the environment. For example:

    • On UNIX: setenv



      • On HP-UX: SHLIB_PATH

      • On Windows, add it to the PATH

        LD_LIBRARY_PATH server_root/bin/https/bin

        You can find the PATH for your machine listed under: server_root/https-admin/start.

  5. Enter the pk12util command.

    The options are listed.

  6. Perform required actions.

    For example, in UNIX enter:

    pk12util -o certpk12 -n Server-Cert [-d /server/alias] [-P https-test-host-]

  7. Enter the database password.

  8. Enter the pkcs12 command password.