Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo edit access control lists for virtual servers

ACLs for virtual servers are created for the server instances in which the virtual server resides. Virtual server ACL settings default to those created for the server instance. However, access control for each virtual server can be edited through the Class Manager. You would also use this method to add a newly created ACL file to a virtual server.

To edit ACL settings for a virtual server, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Server Manager and select the Virtual Server Class tab.

  2. Click the Virtual Server Class link where you wish to specify the LDAP database listed under Tree View of the Server.

  3. Select the Virtual Servers tab, if not already displayed.

  4. Click the ACL Settings link.

  5. Choose Edit or Delete from the drop-down list in the Option field for each virtual server that needs to be changed.

  6. Click the Edit link in the ACL File field to display the available ACL files.

  7. Select one or more ACL files to add or delete for the virtual server.

    A virtual server can have multiple ACL files because they may have multiple document roots.

  8. Choose the database to associate the ACL list with from the drop-down list.

  9. (Optional) Enter the BaseDN.

  10. Click OK when you have finished making changes.

  11. Click Apply.

  12. Select Dynamically Apply.