Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo configure your server to use this feature

  1. Create a new listen socket that runs a port separate from the port that the administration server uses.

    For example, if your administration server runs on port 8888, this new listen socket must have a different port number. Using a different listen socket helps safeguard your administration server.

    For security reasons, you cannot add this listen socket through the user interface. Instead, you add it in the administration server’s server.xml file.

  2. Open the administration server’s server.xml file, found at server_root/https-admserv/config/server.xml.

  3. Uncomment the commented lines containing default values for the LS, VSCLASS, and VS elements. Example:

    <LS id="ls2" port="9999" servername="plaza" 
    <VSCLASS id="userclass" objectfile="userclass.obj.conf">
        <VS id="useradmin" connections="ls2" mime="mime1" 
    aclids="acl1"  urlhosts="plaza">
            <PROPERTY name="docroot" value="/export1/wsinst/docs">
            <USERDB id="default">
            <WEBAPP uri="/user-app" 

    This action will enable useradmin, created on a separate port for security reasons.

  4. Save your changes to server.xml.

  5. Apply the changes by restarting the Administration Server.

  6. For any virtual server in any server instance, you should now be able to access the administrator UI by using the following URL:


    For example: