Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo edit an existing WebDAV collection

  1. Access the virtual server on which the collection exists and click the WebDAV tab.

  2. In the Edit DAV Collections page, modify the following information:

    • Delete: Allows you to or delete a collection.

    • URI: Displays the URI by which the content is accessed.

    • Enabled: Indicates whether WebDAV is enabled (true) or disabled (false).

    • Edit Collection: Click this button to configure the following:

      • URI (required): The URI by which the content is accessed.

      • Source URI (optional): The URI by which the source is accessed.

      • Lock Database (optional): The directory where the locking database will be maintained.

      • Minimum Lock Timeout (optional): The minimum lifetime of a lock in seconds. For more information, see Minimum Lock Timeout.

        Note –

        If the value of minlocktimeout is -1, it indicates an infinite lock.

      • Limit XML Request Body (optional): The maximum size of the XML content in the body of the request.

      • Maximum Property Depth (optional): The depth of the PROPFIND request.

        - 0 applies only to the specified resource.

        - 1 applies to the specified resource and the next level of resources it contains.

        - infinity applies to the specified resource and all the resources it contains.

        By default, the value is set to 0.

      • Enabled (optional): Enables WebDAV functionality for the collection.

    • Edit ACL: Click this to set up access control restrictions for this collection or URI.