Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The fc_open function returns a pointer to PRFileDesc that refers to an open file (fileName). The fileName must be the full path name of an existing file. The file is opened in read-only mode. The application calling this function should not modify the currency of the file pointed to by the PRFileDesc * unless the DUP_FILE_DESC is also passed to this function. In other words, the application (at minimum) should not issue a read operation based on this pointer that would modify the currency for the PRFileDesc *. If such a read operation is required (that may change the currency for the PRFileDesc * ), then the application should call this function with the argument DUP_FILE_DESC.

On a successful call to this function, a valid pointer to PRFileDesc is returned and the handle 'FcHdl'is properly initialized. The size information for the file is stored in the 'fileSize' member of the handle.


PRFileDesc *fc_open(const char *fileName, 
FcHdl *hDl, PRUint32 flags, Session *sn, Request *rq);


Pointer to PRFileDesc, or NULL on failure.


const char *fileName is the full path name of the file to be opened.

FcHdl*hDl is a valid pointer to a structure of type FcHdl.

PRUint32 flags can be 0 or DUP_FILE_DESC.

Session *sn is a pointer to the session.

Request *rq is a pointer to the request.