Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 NSAPI Programmer's Guide

Objects that Use the ppath Attribute

When the server finishes processing the NameTrans directives in the default object, the logical URL of the request will have been converted to a physical path name. If this physical path name matches the ppath attribute of another object in obj.conf, the server switches to processing the directives in that object before processing the remaining ones in the default object.

For example, the following NameTrans directive translates the http://server_name/ part of the requested URL to D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/ (which is the document root directory):

<Object name="default">
NameTrans fn="document-root" 

The URL http://server_name/internalplan1.html would be translated to D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/internalplan1.html. However, suppose that obj.conf contains the following additional object:

<Object ppath="*internal*">
more directives...

In this case, the partial path *internal* matches the path D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/internalplan1.html. So now the server starts processing the directives in this object before processing the remaining directives in the default object.