Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The following table describes parameters for the flex-init function.

Table 2–4 flex-init parameters




Name of the parameter is the name of the log file. The value of the parameter specifies either the full path to the log file or a file name relative to the server’s logs directory. For example:

access="/usr/netscape/server4/https-servername/logs/access"mylogfile = "log1"

You will use the log file name later, as a parameter to the flex-log function (applicable in AddLog-class directives).


Specifies the size of the global log buffer. The default is 8192. See the third flex-init example below.


Specifies the number of buffers for a given log file. The default value is determined by the server. 

Access log entries can be logged in strict chronological order by using a single buffer per log file. To accomplish this, add buffers-per-file="1" to the Init fn="flex-log-init" line in magnus.conf. This ensures that requests are logged in chronological order. Note that this approach will result in decreased performance when the server is under heavy load.


Specifies the format of each log entry in the log file. 

For information about the format, see the flex-init