Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 NSAPI Programmer's Guide

ProcedureTo create a custom SAF

  1. Write the Source Code using the NSAPI functions. Each SAF is written for a specific directive.

  2. Compile and Link the source code to create a shared library ( .so , .sl , or .dll) file.

  3. Load and Initialize the SAF by editing the magnus.conf file to:

    • Load the shared library file containing your custom SAF(s)

      • Initialize the SAF if necessary

  4. Instruct the Server to Call the SAFs by editing obj.conf to call your custom SAF(s) at the appropriate time.

  5. Restart the Server .

  6. Test the SAF by accessing your server from a browser with a URL that triggers your function.

    The following sections describe these steps in greater detail.