Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Performance Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide

Miscellaneous obj.conf Parameters

You can use some obj.conf function parameters to improve your server’s performance, as discussed in the topics in this section:


The parameter find-pathinfo-forward for the PathCheck function find-pathinfo and the NameTrans functions pfx2dir and assign-name can help you improve your performance. The find-pathinfo-forward parameter instructs the server to search forward for PATH_INFO in the path after ntrans-base, instead of backward from the end of path in the server function find-pathinfo.

Note –

The server ignores the find-pathinfo-forward parameter if the ntrans-base parameter is not set in rq-\>vars when the server function find-pathinfo is called. By default, ntrans-base is set.


NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" find-pathinfo-forward="" from="/cgi-bin" 
dir="/export/home/cgi-bin" name="cgi"

NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/perf" find-pathinfo-forward="" 

This feature can improve performance for certain URLs by doing fewer stats in the server function find-pathinfo. On Windows, you can also use this feature to prevent the server from changing "\" to "/" when using the PathCheck server function find-pathinfo.


You can specify the parameter nostat in the NameTrans function assign-name to prevent the server from doing a stat on a specified URL whenever possible. Use the following syntax:



<Object name=default>NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/nsfc"
nostat="/nsfc" name="nsfc"</Object>
<Object name=nsfc>Service fn=service-nsfc-dump</Object>

In the previous example, the server does not stat for path /ntrans-base/nsfc and /ntrans-base/nsfc/* if ntrans-base is set. If ntrans-base is not set, the server does not stat for URLs /nsfc and /nsfc/*. By default, ntrans-base is set. The example assumes the default PathCheck server functions are used.

When you use nostat= virtual-path in the assign-name NameTrans, the server assumes that stat on the specified virtual-path will fail. Therefore, use nostat only when the path of the virtual-path does not exist on the system, for example, in NSAPI plugin URLs. Using nostat on those URLs improves performance by avoiding unnecessary stats on those URLs.