Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Domain Component (dc) Tree

The dc tree contains hierarchical domain entries, each of which is a DNS name component.

Entries that represent the domain name of a customer are overlaid with the LDAP auxiliary class inetDomain. For example, the two LDAP entries dc=customer1,dc=com,o=Internet,o=root and dc=customer2,dc=com,o=Internet,o=root contain the inetDomain class, but dc=com,o=Internet,o=root does not. The latter is present only to provide structure to the tree.

Entries with an inetDomain attribute are called virtual domains. These must have the attribute inetDomainBaseDN filled with the DN of the top level organization entry where the data of this domain is stored in the convergence tree. For example, the virtual domain entry in dc=cust2,dc=com,o=Internet,o=root contains the attribute inetDomainBaseDN with value o=Cust2,o=isp,o=root.

If an inetDomainStatus attribute has a value of inactive or deleted, the entry is ignored.