Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Error Logging and Statistic Collection

This section lists the directives in magnus.conf that affect error logging and the collection of server statistics. They are:


The ErrorLogDateFormat directive specifies the date format that the server logs use.


ErrorLogDateFormat format

The format can be any format valid for the C library function strftime. See Appendix C, Time Formats




This directive determines the log flush interval, in seconds, of the log flush thread for the access log.




PidLog specifies a file in which to record the process ID (pid) of the base server process. Some of the server support programs assume that this log is in the server root, in logs/pid.

To shut down your server, kill the base server process listed in the pid log file by using a -TERM signal. To tell your server to reread its configuration files and reopen its log files, use kill with the -HUP signal.

If the PidLog file isn’t writable by the user account that the server uses, the server does not log its process ID anywhere. The server won’t start if it can’t log the process ID.


PidLog file

The file is the full path name and file name where the process ID is stored.


There is no default.


PidLog /var/ns-server/logs/pid

PidLog /tmp/