Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Getting Started Guide

Access the Web Server

To access Web Server's default home page, open a browser and type http://acme

The default home page of the server is displayed from the server_root /docs directory.

Figure 1–3 Web Server's Default Home Page

Web Server's default home page

You can publish additional content on the site by copying the content onto the docroot directory, server_root/docs , of the web server instance.

The server_root/docs directory contains a set of default pages, including one named index.html (shown in the figure above). You can replace these default pages with other content; in any way. For instance, if you want to publish your own set of HTML pages, copy these into the server_root /docs/ directory. By default, Sun Java System Web Server displays index.html as the server home page, which you can launch by typing http://acme in a browser window.

To publish additional content, you need not copy everything that you want to publish on your site into the docroot directory. You can also put content into any directory that you have mapped as an additional document directory.

This is discussed in the section Chapter 2, Creating and Using Virtual Servers.